Captain Murderer
This story is one that Charles Dickens included in his journals. It's a version of Bluebeard folklore.

A short true story. The most encouraging thing I can say is, I didn't fall off that horse!

James and Elizabeth Monroe
This true story took place while James Monroe was Minister to France. His inspired cleverness and his wife Elizabeth's powerful bravery merged to rescue The Marquis deLafayette's wife from being sent to the guillotine in Paris.


A Lens on Dorothea Lange
This is a short story of why the photograph, Migrant Mother, became instantly famous, and how it happened that Dorothea Lange took the photograph. It's part of a longer piece I perform about Dorothea Lange's life and work.

Exercising Independence:
One of the biggest rites of passage in our culture is getting a driver's license. This story, in three parts, pairs my experience as a teenager and as a mother with the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus learning to fly.

Not Howard
This is a story of summer romance in which Not Howard, who's not a chef, and not a surfer, surprisingly proves himself the coolest guy around.

The King's Advisors
This is a delightful folktale from Burma during which I teach the audience enough American sign language so they can sign the story along with me.


Listen to "James and Elizabeth Monroe" (a true story from history)

Listen to "The Ape & the Firefly" (folktale from the Philippines)

Listen to "Real Baby Maybe" (a true story from Lynn's childhood)