Personal Growth and Community Building
through Story Programs and Retreats

When people listen to a good story, they relax as they visualize what's happening in the story. Their minds move freely and subconsciously around the motifs of the tale, making connections with other stories in their own lives.

In healing story programs and retreats, Lynn Ruehlmann tells stories filled with challenges, wonder and sometimes laughter. After she tells each story, she leads the group in discussions about the story itself. Then, through carefully chosen, open-ended questions, the group begins to connect the stories to issues in their lives and work.

How can Healing Story Workshops or Retreats fit the needs of your group?

During the time spent together, participants have an opportunity to understand pieces of their own lives more clearly in a nurturing environment. At the same time, they begin to understand their fellow group members in a new light as they are able to voice mutual concerns, see that members within their group share similar feelings, and support each other. The process works as a powerful, non-judgmental, community builder.

What kinds of groups benefit from Healing Story?

Any group that would benefit by building stronger relationships
Any group that wants a new, creative way to look at specific issues
Any group that is looking to build a stronger sense of community and support among its members


Social Workers
Women's Groups
Bible Study Groups
Senior Citizens

How long are Healing Story Programs?

They range from 1 ½ hours to all-day retreats.


When the programs are over, participants are amazed, delighted and moved by the range of insights that have been brought out for each person. In addition, participants leave with stories, techniques and resources that they can use again.

Here are a few comments by past participants:

"Lynn was very comforting and had great stories."

"Very interesting; the process stimulated the group."

"The program built community; it was relevant to social work."

"Lynn's warmth and acceptance of this very special group of people is invaluable and very much appreciated."

To contact Lynn Ruehlmann
Phone: (757) 625-6742

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