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Lynn Ruehlmann was bitten by the storytelling bug after having spent years in the theater, where she won an award for Best Actress in a Comedy. Since 1990 she has made storytelling her professional focus. She performs for schools and adult organizations, everywhere from Virginia to Michigan to Alaska to Georgia to Connecticut. For many years she has worked with Young Audiences of Virginia, who awarded her Artist of the Year. The Virginia Commission for the Arts awarded her grants for her programs for 15 years running. She has taught workshops for teachers and students, including storytelling for Old Dominion University's Early Childhood Education Department. She has been a guest on numerous radio programs across the country. Her three CDs, "Mischief! Adventures of a Daydreamy Child," "Spy! The Story of Civil War Spy Elizabeth Van Lew," and "It Happened in the White House: True Tales of the Eight Virginia Presidents and Their Wives" have won four national awards. Most recently she is excited to be working with a symphony orchestra cellist, combining music with some of her stories for adults and for children. Her degree in English and her experience in theater combined to prepare her for creating and performing a wide array of storytelling programs of historical stories, myths, folklore and personal stories.

Short bio:
Lynn Ruehlmann loves the endearing people she’s known in her own life and the bigger than life characters she’s met from Greek myths and history. Lynn’s CDs about some of these people, “Spy! The Story of Civil War Spy Elizabeth Van Lew,” “It Happened in the White House,” and “Mischief! Adventures of a Daydreamy Child,” have won four national awards. For many years, Lynn was active in theater, but once she found storytelling more than twenty years ago, she never looked back! She’s been telling and teaching storytelling to adults and children all around the country ever since.

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Responses from audiences:

This was the first time that we have attempted a fundraising event of this nature and it was a fantastic success.
I have seen you capture the imaginations of the large groups of small children who have attended your story telling events in the past, so I was sure that we were in for a treat, but my expectations were also exceeded. The ingenuity that it took to weave Greek Mythology into your own personal stories of love was uncanny. The flow was flawless and the presentation kept the crowd immensely engaged. Kudos!

--Leigh Anne Chambers, Executive Director, Rawls Museum

Lynn does this magical thing. She utterly transforms herself into the characters she's telling about. She becomes a little girl – surrounded by grownups – learning to use chopsticks. She becomes those clunky grown-ups. She becomes a First Lady, or the President of the United States. She pulls off what a lot of us storytellers try to pull off; we stop seeing the teller. We see the little girl. We see the grownups. We see mirthful and wise Lynn herself, in all stages of life, bringing us along.
--Andy Offutt Irwin, nationally acclaimed storyteller

Keeping members of such a large and diverse audience attentive is quite a talent. It's so evident our audience liked what Lynn gave us.
Parents were pleased – and the children could answer questions about the program when we talked about it after—always a good sign that they listened and were engaged in the program.

--Pat Familar, librarian, Gates County Library, NC

Your choices (of stories) were unusual but recognizable and sophisticated and clever.
The audience commented that you had good frog voices and expressions!
I would love to have you back; thanks!

--BG, Librarian, Charlottesville, VA

As soon as Mrs. Ruehlmann began her story, I was hooked. Her words and facial expressions captured me. And then Peter began emphasizing the story on the Cello. This made the story more dramatic. What a treat this turned out to be. I hope they come back with another story!
--Resident, Warwick Forest Retirement Community

She was TERRIFIC! Such an enjoyable person!
--Mary Margaret, George West Storytelling Festival

To contact Lynn Ruehlmann
Phone: (757) 642-6813

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