There once was a girl whose parents named her Lynn, another word for "cascade." She loved to watch people; she loved to lose herself in stories. As years passed, she studied literature and psychology, she played with paints and crafts, and she practiced music and theater. She loved them all, but most of all, she loved stories. As time went by she connected all the things she loved and found that it was called "storytelling." And so she tells cascading stories.


Here's what Andy Offutt Irwin says about Lynn's storytelling:
Lynn does this magical thing. She utterly transforms herself into the characters she's telling about. She becomes a little girl – surrounded by grownups – learning to use chopsticks. She becomes those clunky grown-ups. She becomes a First Lady, or the President of the United States. She pulls off what a lot of us storytellers try to pull off; we stop seeing the teller. We see the little girl. We see the grownups. We see mirthful and wise Lynn herself, in all stages of life, bringing us along. 

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Lynn lives in Virginia but happily travels anywhere for storytelling. She performs a wide range of programs and stories. Some are designed for adult interests; some address student curriculum needs; and some are family friendly entertainment. Listed below and on this printable PDF (click here) are suggestions for programs from Lynn's repertoire.

Lynn matches her stories and programs to her audiences, so let her know if you have something special in mind.
Below are some of her specific programs and stories:

"Almost Grown"

Drawing from her repetoire of stories from childhood through adulthood, Lynn tailors her programs to fit the audience.  Subjects include off-beat jobs, summer romances, adoption, parents and parenting and other adventures.
Adults and Families
For a printable PDF page with more information, click here

“Winning Women”

This show is two separate stories. The first is about Dorothea Lange, photographer during the Great Depression. The second story weaves together humorous, resonant tales about mothers, aprons and Fannie Farmer.
8th grade – adult

“Perseus: A Greek Hero and His Myth Adventures”

Lynn narrates the myth of Perseus while audience members act it out, wearing whimsical masks and costumes. The story includes encounters with the Grey Women, the Gorgons, Hermes and Athena, and the marriage of Perseus and Andromeda.
2nd grade – 8th grade
For a printable PDF page with more information, click here

“Greek and Grand”

The program is tailored to the audience. Stories may include the weaving contest between Athena and Arachne, why Io was turned into a cow, and what happened to Aristaeus' bees. See more complete descriptions and choices of myths by clicking the link to printable PDF page.
3rd grade – adults
For a printable PDF page with more information, click here

“It Happened in the White House: True Tales of the Eight Virginia Presidents and Their Wives”

Meet the wives and hear stories about eight men whose presidencies spanned United States history from the American Revolution through World War I: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, and Wilson.
4th grade - adult

For a printable PDF page with more information, click here

“Steadfast and Spirited: Stories of the American Revolution”

The war seen through three true tales: Deborah Sampson, a female Patriot who fought disguised as a man; Peggy Shippen Arnold, the Loyalist spy and wife of Benedict Arnold; and Phillis Wheatley, a slave turned poet.
4th grade – adults

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“Spy! The Story of Civil War Spy Elizabeth Van Lew”

The story of a bold woman who supported and spied for the Union, aiding soldiers and slaves, all while living in the Confederate capitol.
4th grade – adults
For a printable PDF page with more information, click here

"A Confederate Rose"
Rose Greenhow, Washington, DC, socialite, was hostess to both Confederate and Union officers. The story of her work as Confederate spy can be booked as a companion piece to Van Lew's.

"Treasure Chest of Tales"

Storytelling in a dazzling array of forms: a folktale told in sign language, an ancient myth filled with contemporary emotions, a humorous personal story, an entertaining story from history, and maybe even a literary tale.
3rd grade – adult

“Tales of Ancient Egypt”

Stories told by Egyptians thousands of years ago, from their version of “Cinderella,” to a myth of Osiris and Isis, to a folktale about a prince and his fates.
1st – 6th grade

“In a Kingdom Not So Far Away”

Fairytales from around the world, including a Japanese tale about a princess and tiny Samurai warriors, "Sleeping Beauty" with a song audiences learn in sign language, and a Persian story about a baby who starts out as a melon!
K – 5th grade

"Be Brave, Be Bold, Beware!"
Ghost stories, scary stories, creepy stories, selected to suit each audience. The tales range from a completely creepy tale by Charles Dickens for adults through gentler stories with funny endings for the younger set
Adults and families


Lynn tells a story about a stranded mermaid, shadow puppets tell about a rabbit who outwits crocodiles, and the audience joins in on songs and sign language.
Pre-K – 5th grade
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“Hug A Bug”

Mischievous fireflies! Marrying bumble bees! Race-running beetles! A singing, dancing Shoe-Fly puppet! What's next? Join this audience participatory show and you'll find out!
Pre-K – 5th grade
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“Tuned Up and Telling: Tales Told with Music”

While telling stories about a troubadour playing harp for the sea king, or a turtle rescuing a drum, or the magical song of a blue jay, Lynn accompanies each story with music on a variety of instruments. Specific stories are chosen depending on the audience.
3rd grade – adults


Australian stories, including How Kangaroo Got Her Pouch, and a shadow puppet version of How Birds Got Their Colors--will gobsmack (the Aussie word for amaze) you.
Pre-K – 5th grade

“Quilting Aesop”

Character building stories by Aesop, told with audience participation, using a quilt with a silhouette from each story as a backdrop.
K – 3rd grade
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To contact Lynn Ruehlmann
Phone: (757) 642-6813
Alternate number: (757) 625-6742

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